We’ve been covering Church History in our Bible Studies for a while now… Last Monday was Session 7, Part 2 of Crusaders and Scholars.

It was interesting to learn that the Crusades wasn’t just 1 big event in history but built up of many Crusades over the course of half a century(?)..the one that saddened me the most was the 4th Crusade where the crusaders were grossly deviating from their mission to free Jerusalem and was attacking Christian kingdoms instead! 😦 I feel really bad when I learned that…

But yes, we learn history so we will not repeat the mistkes of the past… I am glad I have a chance to learn about Church History with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Another interesting thing: The Vicariate Youngs Adults are doing Theology of the Body for our VYA sessions…we just had Session 1 last Wed…its kinda deep, but hopefully it’ll all make sense by the end of the study. One thing for sure, it promises to be sexciting! :B