This year, the 30 Hour Famine is held from today Thursday 13/3/14 until Saturday 15/3/14 and the theme is “Release The Feast”.


The theme-titled poem can be found here on my other blog and I took the liberty of transcribing it (Accuracy is 90-99% guaranteed) so even if you can’t watch the poem on video, you may still benefit from the message.


Release The Feast – a poem by Propoganda

Theme for “30-Hour Famine” 2014

(Transcribed by Mar)

So when they’re closing all the curtains to convince you that it’s night time

Don’t believe ‘em

Don’t believe ‘em

And when they tell you “It’s a must have” and “You can’t live without it”


You don’t need it

You don’t need it

And when they tell you that “The Feast is full” and “The underdressed ain’t invited”


Tell them “That’s not what the King said”

He said “Release The Feast”

Don’t believe ‘em

You don’t need it

Release The Feast

Release The Feast

Took us so long to get here

And here really ain’t that special

I remember the daydreams of a preteen boy on grandmama’s porch

*[A motley crew of SUV coloured boys]*

Yelling “That’s my car!” when a nice one rolls by

Bathed in the summer Cali afternoon sunset

Heads back on the driveway

Eyes straight up into the clouds so as to drown out the smog of drug transactions we were obviously surrounded by

“One day, Imma make it”

But what is “it”?

Objects. Things. Comfort. Calm.

And it’s all to realize that “calm”

Really ain’t that calm

And that struggle is much more enjoyable

When the end they clutch more

The moment you realize you’re consumed with First World Problems like

Is it a really a party if there’s way too much food and plenty of empty chairs?

You up in there licking your fingers while there are thousands of starving stomachs

Right outside the door

This is “making it”?

This is “it”?

It’s eerie how uncomfortable it is

We get too comfortable

I mean

Are we ignoring the obvious?

Were we not blessed to be a blessing?

Can you not spare one day and 6 hours to change a lifetime?

When did we become the prodigal son’s older brother?

“Son, everything I have is yours. Just come join the party.”

Release The Feast

But you’ve “done enough” right?

Like the notion that if you accept these set of notions then your soul’s premium is secured

You searching new mountains to climb like you conquered the first one

Like that car you pointed out right?

You been saving your money right?

You “making it”

But the work of the Gospel’s not done

You’re just comfortable

Like this journey to “okayness”

That’s what we been working for

To “homeostasis”

That we mistakenly see as “peace”

Only to realize that “making it” is so anti-climactic

Because this type of “perfect” is just ain’t working

Don’t you dare close them curtains in the night time

You don’t need another object

You’re already in the party

Release The Feast

There’s no “making it”

There is no there

Because there is here

With us

We are in this together

Act like it

No comfort till we’re all in the party

Release The Feast

Release The Feast

*This part may be inaccurate


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