Lent this year began with Ash Wednesday on February 10…fast forward to a month plus, tomorrow we will begin Holy Week as we welcome the King of Kings on Palm Sunday.

So, what happened in between that? Lent did. And what did it mean, I wondered to myself.

For Lent (since the past few years) I give up meat completely and social media (no Facebook, no Instagram, etc) and this year I added giving up rice (though I did try this for a month before Lent for non-religious/spiritual reasons actually). But this year, for all I am giving up, I have unfortunately failed to pick up anything – no disciplined personal prayer time apart from the daily prayer when waking up and before going to sleep and before meals (I don’t pray after meals though…hmm…topic for another post!) – daily rosary included. Sigh. I guess the only thing I can somewhat say I picked up during Lent was being able to attend daily mass everyday (except 1 day where I couldn’t get out of bed zzzZZZ) but even then, that only started earlier this month so I’m barely a month in. It is my intention to continue this after Lent though. To God be the glory.

Given all that, I guess if I were to self-assess my Lent based on the 3 pillars of Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving, I would give myself an overall 50% score. LOTS of room for improvement, especially Prayer-wise. Almsgiving was more of a as-is basis: I try to be as charitable as I can with my finance and my time, though never really consciously looking at it as Almsgiving…

And now we approach Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) leading up to Easter Sunday.


This year, there is a sense of excited anticipation on my part. More-so than usual. A large reason is because this would be my first Holy Week in a new parish (since I moved to a new town in May last year) and for once, I would actually be OFFICIALLY involved in the Liturgy! Even if only as Choir and a reader with a minor role in the Passion Narrative aka Gospel (you know…the Servant Girl who saw Peter warming himself by the fire outside where the soldiers had brought Jesus…) during Palm Sunday.

All I know is that, whatever shortcomings I had in Lent, I do so want to better myself this Holy Week and through all of Easter. I do not know yet how exactly to do that but I am sure God will show me how. I am almost afraid of what He will tell me…

Anyway, Have a Blessed Holy Week ahead & an Extraordinary Easter in advance!

God bless.