Daniel is pretty synonym with lions, as far as bible stories go.

But did you know though that he was thrown into the lion’s den TWICE?


If you did, good for you. But if you didn’t, well now you know!

So of course the next question would be: when was this 2 occasions?

The first time it happened, he was in for a night because of the jealousy of his peers (Chapter 6) and the next was for 6 days because he not only refused to worship idols but also destroyed and killed them as well (Chapter 14).

Needless to say, he survived both occasions for God rescued him because he was faithful. And when God rescued him, others came to believe in the ever-living God (instead of idols/false gods) as well. Awesome right!?

I was quite amused actually the second time it happened – especially since God not only protected him from the lions for 6 days but also made sure he had food especially delivered to him as well. 😀 You can read about that here.

[I may just do a write-up on the Book of Daniel (like how I did this Summary of the Book of Tobit) later.]