Today is Ash Wednesday.

And so, Lent begins.


Weeks before Lent began, I was struggling with what I would give up and take up this year. Read articles, watched talks online and discerned about it and then, one line (can’t remember which article it was from) jumped out at me.

“If you’re not struggling [with your Lenten challenge], then you’re doing it wrong.”

That was disconcerting.

For a few years now, I’d given up meat for the whole of Lent.

And social media.

And most recently, rice.

It was challenging for maybe the first few days or week, but it was something I could do relatively easily. So does that mean I’m doing my Lenten challenge wrong?

Guess it’s time to up the ante…

So this is how my 2017 Lent will go:


I will continue with the above but will add on 2 more items:

  1. Giving up unnecessary chats on whatsapp
  2. Giving up negative people and negativity

The latter was prompted by recent events and I was also challenged by this video by Fr Mike Schmitz:

To be unoffendable – now that’s a challenge indeed.


Take up prayer – more consciously and intentionally.


  1. Go to Mass (everyday that it is available)
  2. Rosary prayer (everyday) – I can already forsee this as my main challenge in prayer…
  3. Read/listen to spiritual books/audio and the bible (daily readings and reflections on them) everyday
  4. Personal Adoration at the Chapel, at least once a week


Pretty confident about the giving up bit, not as much for the taking up though.

That’s why I am sharing it here…so that by the end of Lent, this will keep me accountable.



Well, Have a Blessed Lent all!!!


The Spirit is with me and I am one with the Spirit.