Know the song “O Sacrement Most Holy”?

As a Catholic, I am very farmiliar with it, yet I realised I never really listened to the lyrics – until tonight…

Holy Hour began with the Exposition. The priest places the Blessed Sacrement in the Monstrance at the Altar. As usual, we would sing “O Sacrement Most Holy”. Being without any musical accompaniment, everyone’s singing (as a whole) were sometimes a bit off. Tonight, I felt it was at a slower tempo…almost draggy even…

O.. Je..sus, we a..dore… Thee..

Who in Thy love.. divine…

Since I did not have the lyrics in front of me, I started to consciously sing the song, word for word. And that was when the words spoke to me…

Conceal Thy mighty Godhead

In forms of Bread and Wine

God was reminding me what was happening in front of my eyes… THERE in the Blessed Sacrement is God, in the form of Bread and Wine! I am guilty of forgetting or taking this for granted at times.

O Sacrement Most Holy

O Sacrement Divine

All praise and all thanksgiving

Be every moment Thine

Indeed, this moment, especially during the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrement, is all about praising and thanksgiving to God!

O Jesus, we adore Thee

Our Victim and our Priest

Whose precious Blood and Body

Become our Sacred Feast

Jesus is a Victim. He is sinless yet He dies for our sins. He is a Priest because He offers sacrifices for us – the perfect sacrifice of Himself, body and blood, so that we are freed from sin, by the sacred feast of the Lamb.

O Jesus, we adore Thee

Our Saviour and our King

With all the Saints and Angels

A humble homage bring

Jesus is the Saviour, who saves us from our sins. And He is Christ the King and His Kingdom will come in glory! Whenever the Eucharist or the Blessed Sacrement is present, heavenly beings are there, bowing before God in worship and adoration. Should not we mere mortals be humble and give God the homage like the saints and angels do?

O Jesus, we adore Thee

Come live in us we pray

That all our thoughts and actions

Be Thine alone again

Yes, we should invite Jesus to be in our lives and all our thoughts and actions should be as how He intends it – on truth, beauty and goodness. Pure.

When the song ended, I immediately took a piece of paper (I only had 2 pieces of old receipts) from my purse and scribbled the lyrics down on it as I continued to reflect on them.


And that was when God spoke to my heart… when the words of another song came to my mind, which I quickly scribbled on the other piece of paper:

I will be Yahweh who walks with you

You will be always within My heart

Take My hand and give it all to Me

Strong and constant is My love

Strong and constant is My love

I cried.

It was like a conversation was happening (isn’t that not the definition of prayer?), a conversation with God. After praising him with “O Sacrement Most Holy” and being conscious of the words, He reassures me of His love that is “Strong and Constant”. That He is always with me…

And from my heart, another song formed as my reply:

In moment like this

I sing out a song

I sing out a love song to Jesus

In moment like this

I lift up my hands

I lift up my hands to the Lord

Singing I love you Lord

Singing I love you Lord

Singing I love you Lord

I love you Lord

I encountered God at the Blessed Sacrement tonight. I wish I could say that it happens all the time but sinner as I am, it does not. Tonight was truly a blessing.

In the photo above: Top right is the Blessed Sacrement and at the bottom of the photo are the 2 pieces of paper – my conversation with God.


The Storm hit on 18th February 2012.

The Storm’s name was Life Nite.

It was a Vicariate Youth Event and approx 200 youths gathered together for a night of Praise & Worship and followed by Adoration…

These were the songs we used for the Praise & Worship:

Everlasting God & Blessed Be Your Name

Heart of Worship Here I am

And the outcome?

Friends tell me I did good…

But as for me, I hope at least some people were led into worship…

In the meantime, I STILL shiver at the thought of leading worship…eventhough it’s happened already.

GOD, please be with me…

If it is YOUR will, let it be done…but please help me as I learn to lead others to worship You.


There is a known saying (or idiom, if you like) : “The Calm Before The Storm”

It technically implies what it literally means – BEFORE a Storm hits, there is a Calm

Similarly, there is a sense of quiet/peace/tranquility BEFORE a time of busyness/stress etc…

But with what I’m feeling now, it’s more like I am in the middle of the Storm, except there are moments of Calm, as if, I ushered the storm into a closet and closed the doors…

But the door can only hold so long…

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such feeling with such intensity in the past 20 odd years of my life…

…and to think all the mixed feelings of delight and dread, excitement and fear, joy and sorrow happened when I said I’d “try” to do something that deep inside me I’ve always wanted to do, which is, to lead worship

That was 2 weeks ago…

Now, as the day approaches rapidly – so rapidly the hours have blurred together – I am experiencing this Calm Storm; one moment excited, the other shivering in sheer panic. I think I might just have a Panic Attack! =/

There’s a difference between WANTING to do something and actually DOING it…

I have always WANTED to lead worship, but I have never DONE it before…

And now that I’m actually going to DO it, part of me is questioning if I really WANT to…

Even more important…if I CAN do it…

This will be the first time I’m going to lead worship, so it’s logical that I’m nervous…but to THIS level?

That can only be due to the major factor that:-


will LEAD worship

in front of

a CROWD OF 200 people!!!


Talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool!

Seriously GOD, I have no idea what I’m doing…YOUR will be done tomorrow evening…

Know that song? Well, Im sprawled on my bed rite now, just about to go to sleep after a long and tiring day, strange thing to say since it’s a public hol, but yeah…nonetheless, twas a fruitful day indeed!

But I just had to post this before I forget.

Honestly, Ive been feeling rather stressed about the WYD fundraising that will happen this Sun, esp since getting the donated items from Seria last weekend. Spent nights worrying how to sort and price them and hoping we’ll be able to sell them…

And tonight, I praise and Thank God for affirming me and for reminding me that He is Saviour and not me. We propose, He despose.


All Glory to God who is able!!!